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Important links
# Name of Organization Web address
1 Bhutan Government Web www.bhutan.gov.bt
2 Tourism Council of Bhutan www.tourism.gov.bt
3 Association Of Bhutanese Tour Operators www.abto.org.bt
4 Druk Air (National Carrier of the Royal Government of Bhutan) www.drukair.com.bt
5 Bank of Bhutan www.bob.bt
14 Druk Trowa (First Film & Entertainment Magazine) www.druktrowa.bt
15 Bhutan Travel Guide/Bhutan Director/ and guide/Bhutan tourism www.bhutantravelportal.com
16 Bhutan News Services www.bhutannewsservices.com
17 Tashidelek (In-flight Magazine of Druk Air) www.tashidelekonline.com
18 The Bhutan Foundation www.bhutanfound.org
19 Bhutan Travel Designer www.tourism.gov.bt
20 Bhutan Society of the United Kingdom www.bhutansociety.org/links.html
21 Frontline/world.bhutan.the place of GNH www.pls.org/frontlineworld/stories/bhutan/gnh.html
This small Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan with splendid natural beauty, unspoiled environment, amazing landscape, the invigorating climate, the simple hospitality of its people, and its rich cultural heritage, is no more a dream land for discerning travellers who wish to see something different from the usual touristy spots in the world.
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