Popular Trips
Beautiful Jumolhari Trek:
This is a super seven-days trek, it goes into Northern Bhutan to the land of yaks- herders...

Snow Man Trek:
This is the most difficult and the longest trek [18days] which is considered to be one of the most difficult trek in the world...

Wonderful Laya Gasa Trek:
This trek takes about 2 weeks goes from Paro valley at 2200m up to the high Laya region at 4000m [over 13000feet]...

Special Tour
Active Bhutan Special Tours:

Textile Tour:
This special tour is designed for our guests to explore and admire the unique Bhutanese tapestry right at their very origins. The best of textiles emerged from the eastern part of the kingdom. Each region has their own masterpieces and we will make sure you miss none of the best.

Bird Watching Tour:
Bhutan is also home to more than 16 globally threatened bird species. They are, namely, Satyr Tragopan, Grey bellied Tragopan, Purple Cochoa, White bellied Heron, Wards Trogaon, Pallas's Fish Eagle, Blyths King Fisher, Yellow rumped Honey Guide, Rufus throated Wren Babbler, Chestnut breasted Partridge, Blyth's Trogon, Wood Snipe, Red headed Parrot Bill, Dark Rumped Swift, Rufus necked Hornbill, Grey crowned Prinia and Beautiful Nuthatch all of which breed in Bhutan. There are also a few spots in Bhutan where the rare black necked crane spends the winter. Greater spotted Eagle, Hodgson's Bushchat, Baer's Pochard and Imperial Eagle have been sighted in Bhutan.

Mountain Biking Tour:
If you wish to experience Mountain Biking in its truest sense where else you go than the mountainous kingdom in the heart of Himalayas. The chill and the thrill of Mountain Biking once in Bhutan is enough to last forever.

Educational Tour:
You will visit a school, meet and spend time with the curious students. They are full of questions. Some answers you give might change their entire outlook on life and some questions they ask might change yours too. Any school in the kingdom will honour your visit.

Rafting and Kayaking Tour:
Though rafting in Bhutan is in its infancy, those who have scouted the river fell that it has The potential for some of the best rafting from small alpine runs like the Paro chhu to Big- water Puna Tsangchhu, the white water of Bhutan is as diverse as its topography  There are two super day trips on the Phochhu and the Mochhu. [Means male and Female River] The trip on Phochhu [Male River].

Home Stay Tour:
Active Bhutan Tours is only the agent in Bhutan who promotes Home stay for their guest. Visitor gets opportunity to spend their times with Bhutanese family [farmer] And gets your self fully immerged in the life of normal Bhutanese. Also which gives you a unique hospitality of Bhutanese?

Wedding Tour:
Traditional Bhutanese Wedding tour provides an occasion to make your vows and experience a local wedding ceremony with a number of religious rites performed by Buddhist monks and lamas in lieu of the importance of the bond between a husband and wife. Traditional wedding and vow renewal blessing ceremonies can be elaborated with local features such as masked dances, archery, offering of butter lamps and special fertility blessings and it can also be easily customized with western elements like ring exchange ceremony.
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