Suggested Packing List
Large, soft duffle with many grab handles is better then a backpack, This will be put inside a Hessian sack and carried by ponies, Line it with a huge plastic bin bag, Also bring what you need, Pack things like toiletries, first aid kit etc intoSeparate small stuff bags easy to find in dark tent,Only carry a small backpack as a day pack with items you need during the days trek. The rest is carried by the ponies and they go a head so that camp is set up for evening,
One thermal  vest/top and thermal underwear,
One long- sleeved shirt[protects against sun]
T- shirt or shirt
One fleece jacket[and fleece/shell pants for evening and early morning]
2 or 3 comfortable paints [lightweight, easy-dry]
Down jacket for evenings
Rain jacket for evenings
3 or 4 pair[or more] good hiking socks,1 pair for evening.
Thermal gloves
A pair of casual shoes for evening,
Good hiking boots
spare shoelaces
Sun hat
Fleece hat[and a spare one]
Hiking stick[collapsible preferred]
Sunglasses/spare glasses or contact lenses
Sun protection cream and preparation for relief of sunburn.
washing kit and toiletries
light-weight towel
hand cream
insect repellent
lip salve
First Aid kit suggestion: aspirin or pain-killer, muscle soother,
Antiseptic cream, anti-histamine cream, anti diarrhea pills, bandages
Safety pins big band-Aid plasters, sore throat lozenges and your usual medicines etc..
Water- purifier[though all water is carefully boiled in camp]
Wet wipe tissues
umbrella/Rain gear
Camera, film, Memory cards, accessories, polarizing filters, spare batteries, tripod etc,
Book, notepads and pencils
Rain cover for your daypack and camera pack,
High –energy snacks-granola bars, fruity chews[unavailable in Bhutan] but dried fruit [available]
Penknife, whistle
Down[sub-zero temperatures] Sleeping bag[extra inside fleece or silk liner is nice]
Flashlight[a headlamp is very useful and or one that can hang or stand upright in the tent] With spare batteries.
The support team usually consists of a qualified trekking guide, a cook , and a number of assistants. A variety of Bhutanese and international dishes are served on treks, The ponies and yaks used on trek are accompanied by their owners, who go a head of the group so that camp is already set up by the time you arrive,The Active Bhutan Adventure provide a dining tent, toilet tent, dome or A frame sleeping tents[twin-sharing],mattress, foldable and chairs, plates and cutlery and a washing bowl with hot water for a morning wash, We also carry a basic first Aid Kit, Guest are required to bring their own sleeping bags, suitable for sub- zero temperatures.

This small Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan with splendid natural beauty, unspoiled environment, amazing landscape, the invigorating climate, the simple hospitality of its people, and its rich cultural heritage, is no more a dream land for discerning travellers who wish to see something different from the usual touristy spots in the world.
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